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afia Medical Laboratories is dedicated to providing our customers with leading-edge technology in the field of laboratory medicine. We also strive to keep you informed of the latest in testing, technology, education, and more to help you provide high-quality patient care. Because you expect the best, remember to choose afia Laboratories for all your laboratory testing needs.




Macroscopic, Microscopis Examination and Culture of Urine, Pus, Sputum, Stool, CSF, Blood and other body fluids. Icolation, identification and Sensetivity testing for both Aerobic and Anaerobic Bactaria. Biochemical analysis of Urine and CS.


HbA1C, Electrolytes/Urea, Liver function tests, Cardiac Enzymwa, Renal function tests, Lipids Blood Sugar, G.T.T. Pancreatic Function tests, Serum Protien-total, Albumin and Globulin.t tempus.

IHC Immunohistochemistry

Fully automated immune pathology



Thyroid Profile, Tumor Markers, Reproduction/Fertility.


Estimation of Full Blood Count, ESR, Sickle Cell test, HB-electrophoresis, Ferrritin, Platelet Counts, Bleeding and Easy Brusability profile, Reticulocyte counts, Detection of Haemo-parasites. ABO and Rh Blood group, Coomb’s test, MONO-TEST, R.A Latex and A.S.O.T.

Infectious Diseases, STD

Hepetitis HIV, Widal (Typhoid), Brucellosis, Toxoplasmosis.